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´╗┐Lady Gaga at Vector Arena

Bedecked in an array of wigs, sequins, leotards and leather, tonight 12,000 dedicated fans worshipped at the temple of Lady Gaga, during a two and a half hour stage spectacular with Gaga preaching Primobolan 100 Cycle her mantra of loving thyself, throughout.The show was mind boggling (and extraordinarily loud), with a five story gothic castle set, and set pieces which range from a giant inflatable pelvis which gives birth to Gaga and her 12 dancers, Oral Steroids Side Effects In Babies to a three wheeled motorbike which became a keyboard, a mechanical horse, a couch made of muscle and tendons, guns, carcasses (yep, she even wore a meat dress), and too many costumes and head pieces to count.It was like an avante garde opera for the modern age, which occasionally got confusing in it's direction Gaga began the show as an escaping prisoner, a warrior who will take over the earth for us, not alien yet not human, but also stepped out from "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" behind her character at certain points, to make some very real human connections with her reverential fans.But despite it's odd changes of pace and message, it was a stunning display of creativity and talent.She sang "Buy Cheap Jintropin Online" every hit (Born This Way, Alejandro and Marry The Night "buy cheap jintropin online" were highlights, though Bad Romance and Just Dance still "Oxandrolone Powder India" sound like classic pop hits), nailed every dance move, and despite the occasionally indulgent declarations which made her sound like a cult leader ("I am you, I am your hopes, let me be your Buy Cialis Norway dreams etc") she's still got one heck of an attitude.The attitude and conviction of a star who can stand bent on a motorcycle in black stiletto boots and a bondage inspired corset, orange curls tumbling down as she somehow plays the piano Masteron E 200 and sings Hair, with her rear end gyrating in the air.Please check your inbox and click the verification link to complete the registration. Once you login, you can post further comments and view comments made in your profile.

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