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´╗┐City council tabled the third reading of a bylaw that would rezone a parcel of land in the city's southeast to make way for an asphalt plant after a public hearing on Tuesday night.

The land in question is two hectares at the corner of Midday Valley Road and Houston Street, adjacent to Tolko and the proposed Green Energy Project site. It is currently zoned for future development, but a proposal from Penticton based construction company Peter's Bros. to build an asphalt plant there would require it to be rezoned to heavy industrial.

Coun. Mike Goetz made the motion to defer a third reading of the rezoning until council can hear more input from the public and the process for approving the amendment is clarified.

"I have an issue with air quality as well. I live within sight. I have worked out at Shulus very close "´╗┐Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" to the site that they have, and I was out there for four years. I have "Anabolika Definition" seen what comes of it. With this information, I'm not prepared to pass the third reading," he said.

Along with Goetz, councillors Kurt Christopherson and Dave Baker expressed concern that the public would lose opportunities to provide input once the land use amendment passes its third reading.

"It sounded to me, when the people were talking tonight, that the people would like to have more information. I'm reticent to support Anadrol 300 the third reading if that information is not going to be easily accessible," Christopherson said. "I do welcome Peter's Bros., I think they have a good reputation and Merritt certainly needs to have a good industrial base, but I'm not willing to trade in good air quality without some Do Injectable Steroids Cause Liver Damage assurances. Most of Merritt is downwind from that area."

A petition against the zoning amendment with 38 signatures was also passed to council at the hearing.

Local resident Lloyd Charney said he is leery about the proposed plant being in town.

"I think it's just too close to Merritt," he said. "It's one of the dirtiest industries that you can get. We're dealing with very raw materials, a lot of dust, and we're dealing with things that are leftover. The air pollution is something that, in Merritt, is quite a concern for people. This is not a clean industry."

Air Quality Committee member Richie Gage said there is little in the way of provincial air quality standards for asphalt plants, and burning waste oil will emit particulates that can be breathed in.

"It will produce chemical emissions in the form of hydrocarbons. Some of those hydrocarbons will result in a noxious odour," Gage said. "A major concern is the location of this property is aligned with the prevailing southwest winds. It will result in moving the emissions across our community."

Local resident Ginny Prowal said she has concerns about the plant's impact on air quality but hoped the Peter's Bros. delegates could reassure her and other community members that it was a priority for them.

"Merritt is in a narrow valley. The wind comes from the southwest and blows over town. Everyone has experienced highway paving with the stench and toxic fumes I find very nauseating, and I don't want that where I live," Prowal said.

Peter's Bros. general manager Joe Cuzzocrea said the company uses waste oil and/or propane to power its four asphalt plants in Kelowna, Penticton, Williams Lake and just outside of Merritt, and uses a filtration system to lessen the odour at its Kelowna plant.

Cuzzocrea said the plant meets provincial air quality permit standards and could go ahead any time.

The plant would create three or four local jobs if it goes ahead and would operate between April and October, he said.

The land across Houston Street from the proposed area is currently zoned for heavy industrial but the company requires more space for aggregate storage, meeting attendees learned.

The plant would "Anadrol 50" have to get a green light from council on its wildfire and geotechnical development permits before the rezoning could be approved.

"Through that development permit process, there are conditions that have to be met. If those conditions aren't met, it doesn't go any further. If the conditions are met, it comes back to council for adoption," Merritt Mayor Susan Roline said.

There are currently 132 hectares of heavy industrial lands in Merritt that make up about 23 per cent of the city's commercial and industrial lands.

About 40 people sat in the gallery for the public hearing in city council chambers before the regular council meeting.

Thank you to the council members and Merritt citizens who brought about the delay in the important decision about the rezoning application that would potentially allow the asphalt plant to be built in Merritt. I would like to extend a special thanks to Councillors Goetz, Christopherson and Baker, and Merritt Residents Lloyd Charney, Ginny Prowal, and Richie Gage as well as many others who have worked so diligently to bring this issue to the attention of all Merritt residents.

I think the decision to rezone has important implications for all Merritt residents and is not a decision that should be made lightly. Research into the implications of asphalt plants in residential areas is somewhat ambiguous; however, one cannot deny the potential serious risk that is present. The ambiguity seems to lie in the fact that not as much is known about asphalt plants in general as is known about other potential sources of "Oxandrolone Powder India" pollution, and in the fact that a variety of types of asphalt plants exist.

Among the potential known risk factors threat to health must be a major concern. Some of the risks are due to: air pollutants such as formaldehyde, hexane, phenol, polycyclic organic matter, and toluene which in high concentrations may cause health concerns such as irritation to skin and airways, lung and liver damage, and cancer (source American Environmental Protection Agency); environmental issues including aesthetic effects; noise pollution; and a decline in property values. The greatest health risks are to children; the damaging effects might not be evident for a generation. Do we really want to Dianabol Oral Steroid Side Effects expose our children to this risk?

While modern practices may mitigate some health hazards, the potential of leaks is always present. Environment Canada regulates the allowable emissions and provides guidelines and standards that must be maintained. However; those facts don't account for all the unknowns that are associated with this industry, as well as some of the known risks associated with breakdown of equipment or human error. Asphalt is necessary for maintaining our infrastructure; therefore, there is a need for them. At issue here is not the fact that asphalt plants are good or bad; what is at issue is the building of this plant so close to town where the winds can carry any fumes further to where we and our children will be most affected by them.

In trying to balance benefits vs risks associated with allowing the building of this plant, the potential of risk is greater than the potential of benefit, in my opinion. I urge council to consider the needs of all residents before making this decision which significantly impacts us all. Consider all the research so that an informed decision can be made. Perhaps a referendum is in order to allow Merritt residents a voice before the zoning application is approved or denied.

I cannot believe "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" that City Council is seriously considering adding an asphalt plant to the miasma that we, in the Nicola Valley, are breathing already. Have they considered at all the impact this will have on the people and businesses in Merritt? The Claybanks RV Park for one is solidly booked every spring and summer. Who wants to park their RV next to an asphalt plant? Who wants to shop and eat in restaurants while choking on asphalt fumes? Isn it enough we have a road that runs under the Coquihalla that envelops us in dust all summer long? I, for one, am taking anti allergy medication just to survive the atmosphere we have now; living in a stinkpot will be unbearable.

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