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´╗┐Holtz narrows down starting quarterback job

Higgins, Sokol to battle for "Anaboliset Aineet" top spot while remaining three "Anabolika Definition" jockey for third

Louisiana Tech senior quarterback and Iowa transfer Cody Sokol is one of two quarterbacks head coach Skip Holtz is considering to start the season against Oklahoma on Aug.

Holtz said after Wednesday's practice that two separate competitions have emerged one for the Bulldogs' starting job and the other for the third string role.

The news is hardly groundbreaking since Iowa transfer Cody Sokol and redshirt sophomore Ryan Higgins have shared first team reps throughout fall camp, but Holtz gave his first hint as to what he'll do with the remaining three Comprar Levitra on the roster.

Senior Taylor Burch, "Oxandrolone Powder India" who returns Anavar Reddit to Tech's football team after a multi year stint with the baseball team, is the leading candidate for the No. 3 role with freshmen Price Wilson and Alex Woodall likely receiving a redshirt.

"It's hard because you'd be really leery to take a redshirt off a freshman just to be a third," Holtz said. "If they're ready to play, I want to play them, but as much as anything we've got to get them ready in case there is an Equipoise 300 Steroid Side Effects injury like there was last year."

Holtz had previously said he'll wait until after Saturday's scrimmage to narrow down the job, but Wednesday's comments provided a clearer picture.

The second year coach wouldn't say for sure if he'll redshirt Wilson and Woodall, but he's preparing them for a Buy Boldenone India potential role as a backup plan.

Tech found itself in a sticky situation last season when starter Ryan Higgins got banged up against Florida International with backup Scotty Young unavailable. Third stringer Paul Harris ended up taking a few snaps before Higgins reentered.

"When they're third, we still need to get them ready but I'm not going to burn their year just to be a third and put them in in a mop up roll at the end of "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" the game," Holtz said.

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