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High "Anadrol 50" Tech Farming

FIONA BREEN, REPORTER: This is one of Tasmania's oldest farming areas. Generations of the same families have lived and worked on these properties, running sheep.

In some ways, things haven't changed for over a century, but a revolution is just over the horizon.

(Sound of a drone)

High tech has reached Tasmania's Southern Midlands, brought to the area by the sons and daughters of some of those old farming families.

Seventh "Anadrol 50" generation farmer Will Bignell is a self confessed techie. When he's not helping his father run the farm, he's investing time and money in computer games and flying. This year he's achieved his dream combining all three.

With business partner Kyle Gardner, he's developed a high tech agricultural drone, specially adapted to help make a farmer's life easier.

(Sound of drone beeps)

KYLE GARDNER, PILOT: It's perfect. Safety's off. Right to go?


KYLE GARDNER: This aircraft takes photographs every approximately 65 metres and with a 75 per cent overlap. So this overlap enables us to return the imaging back to a computer and we generate a 3D model of this paddock in high detail.

WILL BIGNELL: We can put our image that we made from the flight this morning. We can zoom into about two centimetres on there.

FIONA BREEN: The data generates images and models from which farmers can make decisions on a range of things, like drainage in a paddock, chemical spray Buy Cheap Jintropin Online usage, and new targeted irrigation.

Will Bignell has been using his family's paddocks of poppies to test drive his Anadrol Keifei drones. Last year, Landline caught up with him just Gensci Jintropin as a "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" poppy crop was flowering. He was looking for more information to back up his decisions on this high cost, but potentially high yielding, crop.

WILL BIGNELL: I think poppies in Tasmania are probably one of the choice crops. In this paddock, it's 34 hectares and I've got four soil types, from heavy, waterlogged clays to windblown sand. I've got a tractor with GPS and right now it's only switching sections on and off. If I can start basically targeting my application rates a bit better to plant bigger, you know, can I cut down chemical use, boost the sustainability of the crop and keep it as a healthy part of my rotation?

FIONA BREEN: Less than 12 months later, preparations are underway to plant the next poppy crop in this paddock.

Will Bignell's belief in new technology is about to be put to the test.

WILL BIGNELL: So we could be doing new infra red, which is basically a measure of crop vigour, and we can create an index and show us really high growing, really lush spots, stressed, super stressed and bare earth, create that as a percentage so, come in after our first germination and our herbicides to get our weed control. We have got a crop we can say how much we've got that's good and we can say how much is bad. Come back a month later, fly it again and then we can say, 'Right, we're gaining good ground.' Or 'We're stressing it a bit more. What do we do to change?' So we're getting real time decision tools.

FIONA BREEN: The Tasmanian farmer is excited about the future. After a career in science, it's time to move back to the family property. The technology will be coming with him.

WILL BIGNELL: I've had had a good time exploring my scientific career for a decade and, yeah, I want to come home to the family farm. I've got two kids, another on the way, and this is the space I want to be in and raise a family. And I still have that curiosity factor, but the drones really satisfy it. There are so many disciplines that come out of this from flying it, how you fly it, building the machines, tweaking, getting to run the data, what you do with the data, how you Dianabol Xtrem Diet deliver it to the customer. Yes, it fills me up in my head and that's me done.

KYLE Anavar Zmrc GARDNER: What's this run? Should be 1,000 metres?

WILL BIGNELL: Yes, just over a kilometre.

FIONA BREEN: The next step is selling the technology to other farmers.

PIERS DUMARESQ, "MOUNT IREH ESTATE" LONGFORD TAS: It does see some of the benefits of having it, yes.

FIONA BREEN: Former investment banker Piers Dumaresq is already a convert to drones. He returned to the family farm in northern Tasmania two years ago.

PIERS DUMARESQ: Technology is changing all the time and on this farm it's no different. We're embracing new technology and doing whatever we can do to capture advantage and increase our production in a sustainable manner.

FIONA BREEN: He's had a drone survey the 1,400 hectare property to check the health of his crops. It's something he plans to use each year.

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